Understanding What Your Puppy is Trying to Tell You

People say a dog is a best friend of a man but how will that happen if you do not know what the other one is trying to say? How will you know what it needs? How will you react to what it feels when you do not even know a thing about what they are try to communicate? It is difficult, right?

How to make your dog a service dog? As people, we want the pets to be our company. Moreover, aside from the company they give us, there is still more to it. We long for friendship that is why we have pets. As the best of friends, having a good communication to one another is important.

Even if a puppy is so cute, there are still times when it frustrates you. Sometimes you think hard about what your puppy is trying to say with its peculiar actions. When you cannot figure out what they are trying to tell you, you become so confused. Even if you and your puppy do not have the same way of communication, it is still possible to understand each other. To everyone's surprise, you can understand what your puppy is saying in some ways. You base its words on its actions.

Here are some important things that your puppy does which can tell you what it is trying to communicate. Get some ideas about dog obedience training too.

Barking is the most common action of your puppy that you need to understand. Of course, it is a puppy, so barking is usual. Do not take it for granted just because it is a usual action. When it barks, it is starting to communicate with you. Getting your attention is one of its reason so pay attention closely! The puppy may be barking to get some food from you. Another reason is out of boredom that is why he barks at you. To know the difference, you may check if you have already fed it to rule out hunger as a cause. Barking at other persons may be because it recognizes that person as a foe. You may also watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zrgan6O5j2Q to learn more about dogs.

When you tap the puppy's head, it tends to move away. One meaning of this is that your puppy feels that you are establishing dominance over it. To show affection, stroke the side of its face rather than petting his head.

Another behavior of your puppy is the nipping. It does not tend to be aggressive but rather a normal action for the puppy. A puppy's teeth hurts when it starts to grow so it is an instinct for it to nip. However, you must remember that you should not tolerate them and you can learn some ways to train them.

A puppy also tends to guard its toys. When a puppy tries to be protective of its toys, it just mean it shows ownership and is keeping it safe.